About Us

Yusuf Ismail Group of companies (YIG) has started operations in 2001 by trading on aluminum metals and accessories. Continued success in commerce made the organization grow and become the leading company at aluminum industry like doors, windows, glasses, wall cladding panels and other accessories.
Placing customers to our first priority, focusing on our products and services quality and become familiar to entire environment has made Yusuf Ismail group of companies (YIG) a champion of dealing with environmental and commercial difficulties.
Typical features of our products such as variability, lightness, and flexibility, durability and user friendliness are the basic attributes that a good aluminum lighting should have. YIG proudly supplies the market with products which go beyond these standard qualities. The high-quality material together with strictly checked welding process, careful testing and high-standard packing make the YIG products what they are. In addition our team undertakes every type of external and internal decoration work from designing to finishing. We are able to consistently deliver high quality work. We have been reputed for committed service & timely completion of projects. We are enjoying the confidence of a large clientele in decoration across east Africa.
Yusuf Ismail group of companies (YIG) has different product lines including modern aluminum factory which sells aluminum metals, accessories and installation aluminum materials like doors, windows, fences, gate so on and so forth. External and internal decoration is also part of YIG. Dolphin lubricants is also another different line of business.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


We intend to grow in the Horn & East African region and across the world to the benefit of our Reliable Product by harnessing the regional energy advantage, our operational excellence, regional talent and our local growing, regional and international customer base. We will continue to expand on our position as a leading smelter in the East African region, ranking among the top 10 on a global African scale. In doing so, we remain committed in consistently meeting and exceeding international environmental standards.


Our mission is to emerge as one of the largest single site Aluminum providers in the world by reaching the point of the Economics of Scale within the next five years. This can only be achieved by implementing our core values of operational efficiency, global competitiveness, social responsibility, and superior customer service.

Corporate Values

Yusuf Ismail General Trading Co. (YIG) consistently ranks as one of the largest and most modern aluminum smelter in East Africa. Known for its technological strength and innovative policies, YIG enforces strict environmental guidelines, maintains high track record for safety, and is widely regarded as one of the top ten performers on a global African scale.
It supports numerous community oriented programs and social activities that have underlined its status as one of Somaliland’s leading industrial organizations that remains committed towards upholding its corporate social responsibilities. Yig’s inception marks the beginning of Somaliland’s strategy to diversify its economic base. The aim was to establish an industry that would provide valuable products, develop the country's resources and create training and employment opportunities for a large number of Somaliland’s. YIG was therefore incorporated by Charter in 2001 and officially commenced operations in 2001.