Check what are the brands that YIG are handling.

Modern Aluminum Factory

Modern Aluminum Factory (MAF) has been in the aluminum trussing industry since 2001. The YIG Company has established itself at the world market in the field of aluminum trussing production during that time as one of the production leaders of high quality aluminum trusses in the East Africa. Typical features of our products such as variability, lightness, and flexibility and user friendliness are the basic attributes that a good aluminum lighting should have. YIG proudly supplies the market with products which go beyond these standard qualities. The high-quality material together with strictly checked welding process, careful testing and high-standard packing make the YIG products what they are.

YIG Decoration

YIG décor is also another part of YIG group of commercial, its operation is decoration both internal and external. The kind of décor we make is the kind of imagination, dream and the choice of our customer.

Dolphin Lubricants

American dolphin lubricant is another company of YIG, it trade is selling all types of lubricants including oil engine, grease, ATF, brake oil, silicon and many other types of lubricants.